About Me


I teach Chemistry at Stafford High School. I teach AP Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, and Chemistry. I have been teaching for six years now and enjoy it immensely.

I am also the sponsor for Stafford High School’s Computer Coding Club and have been involved in creating Stafford’s first E-Sports teams.

Currently, I am also pursuing a degree to enable me to teach Computer Programming at Stafford as well. Stafford MSD is in the process of creating a STEM Magnet school and will need more teachers able to teach these subjects. We are all part of the Apple Education initiative to increase the coding capabilities of the next generation.

The Mullanys loose at night.


I am pursuing a Masters Degree at Lamar University/Houston Community College in Computer Science that will enable me to teach AP Computer Programming to High School Students for them to gain college credit. This program focuses as much on “How to effectively teach” as it does on the actual content – computer coding. It has already proved to be tremendously useful.

As part of this curriculum I have proposed utilizing technology to enable students to learn at their own pace. Achieving this will free everybody. Students are free to learn at their own pace – not the average pace of the class. Students are not reliant upon the teacher to learn – and instead learn what they can from the resources made available to them. And the teacher is not tied to the front of the class, presenting the same information to all at the same time. Instead, the teacher’s time is freed up – and available to help each student when and how they need. The student takes charge of their learning, and knows expert advice is available when needed. Students are also free to help each other.

Implementing this vision is my mission. I believe that, if done correctly, this will lead to better learning outcomes, better students, and a more satisfying teaching day.


A critical gap in my sense of accomplishments in the corporate world was the lack of “creating something.” This, despite creating a computer program that saved millions of dollars and was used for thirteen years. For some reason. while I was proud of this accomplishment, it didn’t feel “creative.”

It was with a sense of naive glee that I then embarked on writing my first novel upon departing the corporate rat race. I felt proud at its completion, and feel as if I truly did create something. A sequel soon followed and all is well.

Now, these creative energies are turned towards implementing my vision of the independent student learning outlined above. In the past six months I have created many videos, and become increasingly skilled in the process. To create these, I had to learn new programs (Keynote and iMovie in particular) as well as discovering what I could about what an effective video looks and feels like. This keeps me very busy and ever moving forward.