Lead and Learn – Phoenix 2019


What a great conference!
Once again I am impressed by the commitment shown by Apple. The quality of the resources made available, the time we were given, and most importantly, the quality of the people provided to support us all demonstrate a conviction that is inspiring and impelling.

On the flight home, rather than sleep as I had promised myself, I created with the iPad. I spent today further working on my creation and learned new tricks to create what I had in my head. I have more ideas for this project, and that will impel even more learning.

Adam Brice will be smiling – he worked hard with me to teach the value of Challenge Based Learning and how natural it is to true learning – and there I was unwittingly living the lesson. Cheers Adam – I’m buying the next time we meet.

And finally, a big shout out to my Stafford colleagues. Y’all made the event warm and comfortable and I’m glad I shared it with you.

I look forward to posting my creation on this page when it is complete.

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