Innovation Proposal Letter

Dr. Bostic

Superintendent of Schools, Stafford MSD

1625 Staffordshire Stafford, TX

Re: Innovation Proposal of Joe Mullany, Stafford High School

Dear Dr. Bostic;

As you are well aware, Stafford MSD is adopting many significant technology innovations and improvements.  As I considered an innovation I could adopt, it occurred to me that rather than add yet another innovation to the plate, the best thing I could do was serve as a champion for the Blackboard initiative.  If I show other teachers how adopting the online teaching method both improves student learning and reduces their time and energy demands, then the initiative will have a far greater chance of success as other teachers will embrace the change. 

But merely putting the curriculum online is not really taking advantage of the full capabilities of today’s technology.  I propose two further steps to maximize its utility.  First, I will take advantage of Apple’s suite of software to change how students take notes, learn, and present their knowledge.  Students will be able to draw, create videos, slideshows and even use Augmented Reality.  This will enable students to learn the subject from multiple approaches and make use of their learning in a manner that best appeals to them.  Second, I will set up the curriculum so that students will be able to work at their own pace.  This will create a natural differentiation where students are no longer held back by the bulk of the class.  I will enact this by creating videos, worksheets, activities and labs that the students can view on their own.  This will free me up to serve as a resource rather than content deliverer in class – providing the most 1:1 time possible.

To achieve this, I am asking for a class set of iPad’s (30) with pencils.  This will allow each student to participate fully each day, gain mastery of technology tools, and learn Chemistry in a new way.  Furthermore, I would like the ability to move students in and out of my Pre-AP Chemistry course during the first semester as they establish their true level.


Joseph Mullany

Stafford High School Chemistry Teacher