Well, this was unexpected.

I am certainly benefiting greatly right now from my work towards my Innovation Proposal. My students have all accessed Blackboard in my class before the quarantine and had done assignments posted there. This is quite different from what most teachers are telling me their situation is, where most students are confused about what Blackboard is, how to access it, and how to use it. Teachers, too, are having to turn on a dime to transition their lessons.

So, thanks Lamar and Apple!

The other nice thing is that my lessons are continuing far better than they could have before. For the students who have access to Blackboard I am not going to throttle back too much. I accept that they cannot do as much, but that doesn’t mean they need to be exposed to fewer concepts. My goal is to cover every topic as planned – though perhaps not as in depth or as rigorously.

My video skills have improved!

I am pleased with this video not because I learned new skills, but rather that these skills make understanding this concept far easier for the learner. It is so obvious to see the shapes interact with each other, and it removes the confusion of math. This is taking technology and using it to improve teaching and learning – not just transitioning from one medium to another.

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