Early Days

So here’s my first effort using Keynote and iMovie. As I said in the video, I don’t really have a Billy Goat in my mind, but it was just so easy to add it in and move it around! Billy Goat, it turns out, was a natural and really helped to drive home the lesson far better than a laser pointer would have.

Key skills acquired in making this video:

  • Keynote: Animate Path. You can move an object along a specific path. (This was briefly showed to me in Phoenix, and knowing it could be done, was all I needed to figure out how I could do it.
  • Keynote: Write Animation: When you write something using the pencil, you can have that writing appear as if you were doing so live, later.
  • Keynote: Timing appearances of various words and objects on the screen.
  • iMovie: Adding a sheep Baaaaa sound.

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